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Veritas Vincit specializes in creating handmade, modest clothing for Catholics, specifically made to fit you perfectly. Check out our first design today!

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Traditional Woodworking

Following the traditional techniques of the past, I also offer a growing range of handmade wooden gifts.

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Darts of Fire

I. Dilexit nos, et tradidit semctipsum pro nobis. “He hath loved us, and hath delivered Himself for us.”—–Ephes. v. 2 God had conferred so many blessings on men, thereby to draw them to love Him; but these ungrateful men not only did not love... read more

A Holy Death with Our Mother Mary

Despite what the Church says in these days of heresy and apostasy that everyone is saved and goes to Heaven (except for those ‘schismatic’ SSPX’ers), it is a dogma of Holy Mother Church that extra ecclesium nulla salus — outside the Catholic... read more