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(This Novena can be made at anytime, but it is customary to make it from the 11th to the 19th of each month).

First Day

In Casting myself at thy feet, O loving Mother, to ask thee: (here mention your request), I cannot help remembering that thou camest on the mountain of La Salette, first of all, to remind me of my Christian Duties. Therefore, there is no surer way for me to have my petition granted, than to return to the friendship of Jesus, by a sincere confession, and to endeavor with my whole strength to overcmoe my besetting sin. O Virgin Reconciler of sinners, obtain for me this most precious of all graces, for, with it all the rest shall be added unto me. The numberless miracles obtained by those who invoke thee under the title of Our Lady of La Salette, fill my heart with hope that my petition shall prove as fortunate as those addressed to thee, by so many other suppliants. Vouchsafe, O Mother, during each day of my novena, to instill into my heart some of the teaching of thy merciful Apparition.

Practice — Consecrate yourself to Our Lady of La Salette.

Consecration to Our Lady of La Salette

Most holy Mother, Our Lady of La Salette who, for love of me, didst shed such bitter tears in thy merciful apparition, look down with kindness upon me as I consecrate myself to thee without reserve. From this day, my glory shall be to know that I am thy child. May I so live as to dry thy tears and console thy afflicted heart. Beloved Mother, to thee and to thy blessed charge and sacred keeping and into the bosom of thy mercy, for this day and for every day, and for the hour of my death I commend myself, body and soul, every hope and every joy, every trouble and every sorrow, my life and my life’s end. Deign, O dearest Mother, to enlighten my understanding, to direct my steps, to console me by thy maternal protection, so that exempt from all error, sheltered from every danger of sin, strengthened against my enemies, I may, with ardor and invincible courage, walk in the paths traced out for me by thee and Thy Son. Amen.