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The craftsman transforms his raw material and carries through the whole of a work; to that work he is closely linked, and in it there is an ample field for his intellectual skill, his artistic capabilities, his good taste, his deftness and delicacy of touch in making things that, from his point of view, are greatly superior to impersonal and standardized mass-produced things. — Pius XII

Over the past several years, I’ve become increasingly concerned with where society is headed. Just a quick look around you and the problems become all too apparent: greed, selfishness, impurity, and no concern for life. As I became aware of these issues, it occurred to me that I was part of the problem, and began examining my own life and where it had taken me.

Through God’s grace, I’ve always been self-employed, but I was not working at my true vocation at first. My first freelance business was as a web designer, and I spent many hours stuck in front of a computer screen, helping to make websites to enable others make themselves wealthy. It was pretty ‘cool’ at first, to type in some code, and see it appear on the screen all nice and pretty. But the fruits of my labour were always intangible, and it never quite satisfied my soul.

Through a twist of fate, and a long story short, I gradually got into another hobby, which turned into my second business – tailoring high-end historical clothing. Tailoring itself was extremely rewarding, and after a few years of success I thought I was at my final destination, work-wise. But God has a sense of humour, and threw another bump into my plans.

After twelve years away from the Catholic Faith, due to a variety of reasons, He led me back to the Church by the hand of Our Immaculate Queen, the Blessed Virgin Mary. And I started to see issues with my tailoring business that were not compatible with the Church’s teachings. For one, I was making very expensive clothing, something that we cannot take with us to Heaven. It also had no real use, other than enabling one to do their historically-based hobby. Thoughts of doing modern tailoring crossed my mind, but with the competition from overseas driving down the prices, it is almost impossible to make a living at these days.

Where has this led me? All of my divergent skills and hobbies seem to be pointing towards opening this new business that you see before you. The plan is to put my tailoring skills to good use crafting modest, useful clothing for men, women, and children. The selection will be small at first while I get my feet wet, yet will continue to grow over time. I’ve also recently become interested in traditional woodworking and carpentry, so some of those projects will be posted for sale in the future, as well. In the future, I see my deep interests in music and teaching making themselves present in some physical form, also. All of the handcrafted items you see will be made personally by myself, not some poor person in a sweatshop overseas. Hopefully some of you still see the value of traditional craftsmanship in our very commercialized and greedy society.

The eventual goal of this business is not to make me wealthy and famous, but to enable me to support my future family, while at the same time, and most importantly, giving glory to God and promoting devotion to Our Lady. Perhaps in my own little way, I can make a small difference in this world of ours. Please consider supporting me by making a purchase today.

God bless you!

In Christ Jesus through Mary,
James Williams