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“It is the dearest interest of every young man seeking a companion, who is to be the sun of his life, the honor and treasure of his home, that he should find the best, the purest, the most worthy in every way of the devotion of a whole lifetime, and that, having found her, he should not only keep her pure, stainless, and worthy of all love and honor, but that every day of his life he should labor to make her more so, and be himself before her eyes the living and ever-present copy of Christ’s goodness and devotion.”

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Darts of Fire

I. Dilexit nos, et tradidit semctipsum pro nobis. “He hath loved us, and hath delivered Himself for us.”—–Ephes. v. 2 God had conferred so many blessings on men, thereby to draw them to love Him; but these ungrateful men not only did not love...

A Holy Death with Our Mother Mary

Despite what the Church says in these days of heresy and apostasy that everyone is saved and goes to Heaven (except for those ‘schismatic’ SSPX’ers), it is a dogma of Holy Mother Church that extra ecclesium nulla salus — outside the Catholic...